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January 06 2015

bReplica sunglasses with different color have different application areas

December 29, 2014-USA-The gray is one of the very commonly color of the
fake sunglasses belts. During the reducing of the brightness, the gray glass has the minimal color distortion. On the other hand, the grey lenses could also provide glare protection, making it become the ideal choice for driving and general using.

Replica sunglasses
The yellow or gold lenses can help to reduce blue light while it also allow more light at other frequencies to pass through the lens. Because blue light can bounce and scatter a lot of lights, thus this light can produce glare effect which has been called the blue haze. In fact, the yellow can eliminate the blue light so that all objects will appear with more bright and clear effect. This is why the glasses which are used for prevent snow blindness are all in yellow color. On the other hand, the replica sunglasses in such colors will make the color has little distorted perception. Thus, the yellow or gold replica sunglasses will be not suitable for those activities which people need to accurate color.

The amber and brown colors are also very common colors for those sunglasses as those colors could help to reduce the glare effect. In addition to better prevention to UV, its unique color molecules can also absorb the higher frequency color such as blue. Studies have shown that long-term acceptance for the near-ultraviolet light such as blue and violet could easily cause into the cataracts. The same kind of replica sunglasses also has the flaws of color distortion like the yellow lenses but the contrast and clarity of objects will be increased.

The replica sunglasses with green lenses can filter out some blue light but also reduce glare effects. Among Lenses in all colors, green lenses offer the highest contrast level and greatest visual acuity so this kind of lens is the most popular choice.

Under the green or blue background, the purple and pink lenses can provide the best contrast rate of objects. So, they are the good choice for hunting and water skiing.

Many replica sunglasses manufacturers use a process called constant density to give the lens dyeing. This is the most staled sunglasses manufacturing process and the entire glasses or polycarbonate mixed materials have the same color.

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